Nissan LEAF

Internet searches for ‘best air purifier’ spike in line with rising air pollution concerns, Nissan reveals

Nissan – the company behind the world's best-selling zero emission electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF – today uncovered data showing that rising levels of air pollution in Europe's capital cities are coinciding with a new sense of health consciousness amongst European citizens. The data shows that consumers are more attuned to health concerns than ever before, and are increasingly seeking their own solutions to help them "clean up" the air around them.

Nissan LEAF global sales reach 100,000 units

The 100,000th all-electric Nissan LEAF is being bought by a customer in the United Kingdom. The Nissan LEAF, the world's first mass-produced zero emissions vehicle, remains the best-selling EV in history with a 45% market share.

Nissan LEAF sales surpass 30,000 in Japan

Sales of the Nissan LEAF in Japan have passed the 30,000 unit milestone. The cumulative total in Nissan’s home market was reached at the end of September 2013, the same month that global sales of the Nissan LEAF topped 4,700 units—the LEAF’s best-ever global monthly sales result to date.

Nissan LEAF owners drive CO2-free to save forests in Japan

Drive your Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, help save a forest. Participants in Nissan's Zero Emissions Fund have succeeded in conserving forested areas about the same size as 60 tennis courts since the inception of the fund in June 2012.

Nissan LEAF to the rescue

Law enforcement teams, firefighters and medics across Europe are adopting Nissan LEAF - the world's most popular electric vehicle - as a key frontline emergency support vehicle.

Nissan turns over a new LEAF in key markets throughout the United States

With Nissan LEAF sales in the United States up by 335 percent year-over-year since launching the enhanced 2013 model in March, Nissan is seeing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) expand significantly outside the traditional West Coast stronghold to “New Wave" markets across the country.